“Garner and his Boom-Chicka-Boom band give concertgoers their money’s worth. This act is seasoned enough to go anywhere and will not disappoint the people who wish to resurrect that classic Johnny Cash voice and rhythm.”

Gene Beley, Former Reporter, Ventura Star Free Press. Beley attended Johnny Cash’s historic concert at Folsom Prison in 1968. Hear his interview and his personal recordings from the prison show on NPR’s “All Things Considered” here.

“It was a great show! I sent a note out to my colleagues telling them what a great job you do. Thanks again for putting on a great show, being a nice guy and having a good crew to work with.”

Lynn Dickerson, CEO Gallo Center for the Arts

“It was wonderful having you here! The patrons absolutely enjoyed the show — I received many enthusiastic compliments following the performance.”

Megan Kline Crockett, Executive Director Carpenter Performing Arts Center

“We have had the pleasure of presenting James Garner’s Tribute to Johnny Cash numerous times at several different venues and events, and we plan on working with him as often as possible in the future. Not only is James – and his entire band – professional, conscientious, and reliable…they are the nicest guys in the business, always respectful to staff, crew and, of course, the audience. And the show! These guys don’t just sing Johnny Cash songs. They are entertainers. They put on a polished, smooth, impressive show every time they take the stage. This is not a Johnny Cash “Tribute Show”, this is a personal experience with James Garner – his presence, his joy, and his passion fill the stage with a new energy for the songs and music which have been part of another generation. Audiences may enter the theatre as Johnny Cash fans, but they leave as James Garner fans. We certainly are.”

Steven Shore & Samantha Samuels, Esses Productions

“James Garner’s Tribute to Johnny Cash at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre was amazing! If you shut your eyes and listened you could swear it was Johnny Cash singing right there in front of you. Don’t keep them closed for too long though as lead vocalist James Garner is a pleasure to watch! His elegant stage presence pays an excellent homage to the iconic “Man in Black.” The show will please music lovers of all ages, but especially those of us who grew up listening to the man himself! This show is not to be missed.”

Donna Perry, KUIC Radio