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“I was at your program in Tracy, CA tonight…it was wonderful. You look a lot like Johnny Cash as well as sound a lot like him. I spoke to you after your show tonight and you autographed some of your photos for my friends as well as myself. I want to thank you for your wonderful performance and stories of Johnny. Although I grew up with all of this info, it was still great and special to hear such a wonderful young man pay tribute to the one and only Johnny Cash. Although I’m a senior citizen, you were so gracious with me and I totally appreciate it. Thank you again for the wonderful program tonight. My friends and I enjoyed it very much.”

Lyn McClure

“I was at the Johnny Cash Tribute concert today in Old Sacramento. I enjoyed it so much! James Garner is the name of the young man who sang so much like Johnny Cash? He’s a true star. I agree with the comment of another fan who said we will be seeing you again; probably in Vegas. I would go to Vegas to see that show. You have a fan.”

Teresa Jones

“Enjoyed your show thoroughly tonight in Tracy. Was glad to hear “Wreck of the Old ’97″ and “Rock Island Line.” Two of my favorites from a Sun LP record my Dad had back in the early 70′s. (I still have it today!) Great to relive the Johnny Cash songs and you played them excellently! Great show and hope we’ll see you again around here.”

Mike Shibley

“I’ve been a Johnny Cash fan since I heard “I Walk the Line” when I was a teenager in the 50′s. When I heard the band play in Los Gatos on July 20, I closed my eyes and Johnny Cash was on stage. Fantastic performance. The group did a great job. Very professional and a lot of history I was not aware of. Thanks for a very nice trip down memory lane.”

Bob Rosenthal

“We saw the tribute show last night at the Groveland Hotel. We had a fantastic time and James is huge talent whom we are sure is going to be very big in the biz! His interpretation of Cash’s music and interesting information about Cash’s life were a great combination. His band are wonderful musicians as well!”

Cynthia Darmstandler

“I’m 65 and I know talent when I see and hear it!! I have a feeling we will be seeing you again, probably Vegas.”

Mike Kaelin

“My wife and I, plus our friends attended your last performance at the McConnell Estates winery. We had never heard of you before, but are big Johnny Cash fans (me especially). We really weren’t expecting a whole lot, but thought it would be fun. The performance was incredible. We all agreed that that was the best concert we’ve been to this year, at a minimum (I saw Billy Joel this year, and this was much more fun, and we saw Super Diamond, which was not even in the same league). James has the voice, the eyes, the movements, and the charisma and stage presence. The winery had a great spread and great wine, what an afternoon. We came just to have a good time, and we had a great, great time. I am now a huge fan. Bought the CD, Chris and I listened to it today in the car, and smiles came to our faces. The sound is incredibly Johnny Cash-ish, with James’ own take on it. I can hardly wait to let my brothers know, they will love it also.”

Tom Hawkins

“My husband, friends and I attended one of your shows last summer we had the best time ever. We were expecting to a have a good time but after hearing you and your band play the first song we were blown away. You and your band really fit well together and you all have an amazingly strong stage presences. As we watched the audience fill with excitement and energy we too began to sing along. The sound to us was nothing less than perfect! The entire band was so friendly and welcomed us to take pictures with them. After the show, I went to your website to see your calendar. I called my friend in Sacramento, who is a Johnny Cash fan and told him of your band. I gave him the your schedule dates for his home town of Sacramento. He attended your show and said he and his kids had a terrific time! We appreciate your dedication to the music!”

Lizzy Hammond

“I don’t like tribute bands. They seem to make a buck off of someone else’s efforts and fame. I expected you to walk on stage and say in a gravelly voice, “Hi, I’m Johnny Cash.” Your band is completely different. When I saw you last Saturday at the Firehouse Theater in Pleasanton I was awestruck by your sincerity. I really like Johnny Cash’s music. You guys LOVE it. And it shows through in your performance. Thank you for sharing your passion.”

Jim Gundell

“I saw the show at the Firehouse Theater Saturday night. My friend Jane who works at the theater warned me to get tickets early, and she was correct in predicting that it would easily sell out.  I can see why now that I’ve been to the show. I really enjoyed everything about it.  From the tight drumming to Denny’s unbelievable solos, to James’ amazing voice, there was a lot to appreciate.  It was thrilling and I have to admit I had chills at times.”

Dave Gilbert

“At 54 years old I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan and have been since my early 20′s. My wife and I saw last night’s performance at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre and we were both impressed. You guys did an outstanding job and put on an awesome show. It’s impressive how James Garner in certain views resembles a young Johnny Cash and how you seem to incorporate many of Cash’s mannerisms and his style. Although you add your own touch to some of his songs, its uncanny how some verses and or songs how much you even sound like Cash. Your other band members were awesome as well and together you guys hit the mark in my opinion. We both liked how you would tell stories about each song or incorporate the history and or how the song came about. Thanks for a great performance and thank you for honoring such a great man and musician. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.”

Chuck Matheson